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Susan Binford

Artist directory :: Susan Binford

My purpose as an artist is not to imitate nature but to reveal a deeper connection to our natural world. I work in various mediums including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Frequently I use textures to add dimension to my works.

Susan Binford


Susan Binford 
I am a San Diego artist that discovered my unique style through experimentation and hard work. I began painting over 20 years ago and have had instruction by prominent artists including William DeShazo, Carol Cottone, and Reed Cardwell. I am noted for my use of textures and for my experimental approach to painting.


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Studio 16B Spanish Village Arts Center
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA
United States


Artifact and Unconventional Art Unique creations including cave-like paintings, unusual subjects, or textures
Birds Birds such as hummingbirds, herons, avocets, and cranes.
Abstract Paintings Free form and poured acrylic works
Land, Sea, and Desert Landscapes, Seascapes, and Desert Views
Animals 16 items
Encaustics (Beeswax) Encaustics is a classic art developed by the ancient Greeks. Beeswax is the main ingredient of encaustic medium and damar resin (pine tree sap) is added to increase the hardness of the wax. The pigmented medium, brushes, and painting surface are heated to keep the wax fluid while working.


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