Acceptance gives us no chance to fight

We must go peacefully to receive the light

It leads us to crossroads too many to count

Watching intently as we assess the routes

Always there are two roads from which to choose

Never as simple as one you win and one you loose

The first road begins from the core of your soul

The one that makes you feel like you’re in control

It is easy to choose, for you know this road well

Most take it often thought the conditions are hell

Littered with ruble from days long past

Around every corner a life changing task

The consequences are often unknown

The responsibility always yours alone

The second road is the one where acceptance lies

It mimics the path that the cunning crow flies

Over mountains of failure and seas of regret

It leads you to freedom if you can stomach it

This road appears frightening and perilous

It gives you no choices, just hang on and care less

Have faith that this path when take

Alters the perception of mistakes we’re all making

Instead they become mere visions of pain and love

As we fly swiftly forward to the next crossroads


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I read this in The Alchemist and now I've got it pinned up on my wall above my desk. It's pretty good. I have been experimenting pretty heavily with acceptance over the past few months. "Mere visions of pain and love." With acceptance, I feel less psychologically attached to my experiences, yet at the same time, it feels like the experiences are being lived more fully and vividly. Even the shit I don't like becomes vital communiques from the universe, testifying for the existence of love. But one perception I have which seems to be the opposite of what you wrote in the poem concerns choice. I find the first path, the one of attempting to control everything originates from the surface structure of my personality, not the core of my soul. It's acceptance that comes comes from the core, because real acceptance for me seems to only be able to come from a genuine acknowledgement of the core of my soul. Acceptance, I find, is also the path where true responsibility lies for me, because the surface personality structure actually has little power of choice at all. It's a servant, informed by it's own "whims," which are actually a bit more like programs and ingrained habits and compulsions than real inspired choices. That's what it seems like to me at least. But when I find acceptance, it seems that one of the things I must accept is that the road of freedom is a choice that must be continually made. What do you think? Do you think these views contradict your own, or do you suppose we are discussing the same thing from different angles?
-- Bryan, 2/14/11

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