Slowly I Awaken

Slowly I awaken
I learned to walk sleeping

My halfsleep a means to survive

The pain. The sadness. The fear.

My honor stolen before I could name it

my childhood sullied with memories unfit for the light

My dictionary rewritten...mother...father..sister...


My nightmares made real

Fears realized are so hard to unlearn

Pain is never unfelt

But sadness wains and fear is concurred

my light will not be extinguished

Nor hidden. Nor ignored.

I shine for her now - my child

Her honor, her memories, her words

Like a forest fire

Her love burns the evil from my heart

and as a family our light is blinding

My dictionary again rewritten




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Marnie- that is a beautiful poem. Thank you for that. You are a lucky & strong woman. Lucky, because your soft animal body carries a woman warrior spirit & deeply loving soul. Strong, because you face & turn your darkest times into towards the light. -love, Susan
-- Susan, 9/30/12

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