During the course of advising or instructing on how to make something or a technique I will likely use the brand name of a product  ... most likely adhesives or paint... and more.
Please be advised that the products I reccomend are what has worked best FOR ME through trial and error. If you discover a different product or technique that works better for you..... GREAT! Please send a message and you will get full credit. I am NOT a spokesman for any company, nor do they sponsor my work  in ANY MANNER. After 25 years in professional entertainment design and fabrication, there's just some tricks I have been shown or more likely discovered on my own.  I can of one right off that took me TWELVE YEARS to realize I had been building something wrong! It was simple and easy to fix... had my employer not dismissed me five months before it could be implemented. I never passed it on: professional prop people rarely share their secrets to  anyone whom they do not trust or respect implicitly. Our notes are safely stored in our heads. Only one Manager and one performer who sincerely appreciated and respected my craft went shopping with me in 20 years... and they each clearly understood the near sacred adventure they were able to undertake ...


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