Projects & Philosophy:
Manifesting ideas involves an engagement with the messy world of substance, accidents accrue, and laws that were not initially imagined begin to make themselves apparent.
Most of these projects consist of an initial Idea that has been developed in my mind into an Ideal Form (like an architect's plan or design concept). Ideas are then tested and realized through working with physical media as a concrete Experience the results of which are often a physical Object. Without some level of surprise or discovery in the process of object making, the result would merely an illustration of an idea, remaining at the level of the “architect's plan”. Such illustrations do not really interest me so much. Most of my ideas are thereby conceived in a way that encourages discovery in the process.

If you are interested in any of these Ideas, Experiences or Objects then it strikes me that there is a threefold order:
  1. Ideas are free by nature!
    • Feel free to turn any of these ideas into experiences of your own!

    • If you would like guidelines as to method I can send you a clear, step by step guidelines (like a “blueprint” or a “recipe card”) for a nominal amount.

    • In fact for $20 I will send you a "ready to paint" geometric construction on good quality watercolor paper along with clear instructions (and online support if required!). Supply your own paints and brushes!

  2. I can reproduce any particular idea as a new Object - i.e. a material product - as many times as requested. Although the base blueprint - the "architect's plan" - remains the same (reserving the right to tweaks, improvements and further modifications), the experience of creating will hopefully always vary, and therefore so will each object.

    • This can be a lot of fun - the differences in the results based on circumstances and "accidents" can often be more fascinating than exploring new ideas! The reproduction of an existing idea will result in an original artwork based on established principles. I reserve the right to declare particular ideas "closed" if I have genuinely moved on! (In this case I will mark them as "sold")

    • Let's say a flat fee of $100 for any of these ideas as an original completed painting in gouache on good quality paper (unless priced otherwise). 

    • One of my future projects is to try oil. I imagine this will work out quite a bit more costly!!

  3. Exclusive ownership of an original Idea? Well I'm not sure that's either technically possible or morally acceptable! 

    • However I can vow to “break the mold”, hand over copyright on a particular idea and never pursue it again myself for a suitably exorbitant sum – but think about what you're doing!

  4. Original commissions are always welcome – send me a puzzle, a philosophy or some color preferences and I'll see what I can do!
Enjoy my "Play-Tank"! *

Philip Guest
*language stolen from the Institute For Figuring - an inspiration!

Geometry is very close to the "ideal" world, but it is also a natural processes that even minerals "understand".  It seems a shame for rational human beings to keep these forces locked up in an a place (which has become scary for many) called fortress math. Nature seems to have such fun riffing on these ideas!
The geometric appearance of music is particularly interesting to me. A Chladni Plate can change your life!
The most fun is to start playing with this stuff yourself! Then you can discover your own patterns!
Most of the drawings here are easily within the grasp of middle school students, where this is an important topic in Waldorf/Steiner Schools. If you want to have a go but aren't quite sure there are many great books available or you can probably find a Waldorf teacher in your area.
If you have an idea(l) I would be happy to help you develop it. There is endless potential for murals, tiles, architectural details etc.
My personal interest would be to develop mathematical concepts into acessible and aesthetic games and activities. 


Beach Britches are now available by custom order!
Check them out here:
Men's are Birdwell's style 301, Ladies style 307.
Other styles (i.e. longer legs) available by special request.
Hand made in the U.S.A.!

Sizes: Please measure your exact waist size (above the hips, below the navel) and then add two
- it's a strange formula I know but this will usually give a perfect fit!

Prices are for:
1) Britches simple
2) Britches shipped in a hand-painted gift box
(the geometrical formula for the design it contains)
with postcard & prints
3) Britches shipped in a hand-painted gift box
(the geometrical formula for the design it contains)
with original artwork
Domestic shipping included. Please contact for International.
Questions & enquiries to:

For paintings I have settled on a threefold pricing format:
  1. I can send you a template and instructions for painting your own.                    $20
  2. I can paint additional copies based on the original idea (until I get bored!).     $100
  3. I can sell you the original as a unique item.                                                     $200
I may look at adding templates to the download area - in which case they will be free!
Nothing is fixed! Discussion is welcome!


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Here are some of the ideas that I have been exploring.

Please let me know if there's anything you want to correct/find interesting/would like a copy of - or to purchase/participate in etc.

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