Scriabin ToyScriabin Toy
Dodecahedron. First of a series of composers' dice. This one was a lot of work!
Logic CardsLogic Cards
A game for teaching logic! Under development!
Sulbasutram ToysSulbasutram Toys
An interesting variation on Montessori's "Trinomial Square"? Links to: Gallery Blog Downloads available here!
Kite & DartKite & Dart
I would like to get the pieces made as ceramic tiles - infinite variations over any size surface!
Holiday Card!Holiday Card!
Here are some ideas for games you can play with your Holiday Card - just In case you have any idle moments! Download my Holiday Card here!

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Here are some of the ideas that I have been exploring.

Please let me know if there's anything you want to correct/find interesting/would like a copy of - or to purchase/participate in etc.

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