I keep changing things!
Here's a record of what's new and what's changed in case anybody's interested (or frustrated) by this: 
I am adding this page so I can keep account of:
  • new items
  • changes, additions and developments to existing galleries

December 2013:

The main additions since school recommenced have been additions to my Geometer's Notebook

August 2013:

From a nice period of hermititude following the Science Course there are several new galleries:

An attempt (work in progress) to reconcile teaching optics with all those diversity flags hanging around San Diego during Pride Week:

Logical Rainbows

An experiment with soft toys for a newborn that seems to have extrapolated out of all control, and which is certainly not complete yet:

Excessive Space

- there is also a (hopelessly out of date) blog entry with the same name:

March 2013:

Not much art this Winter but lots of Philosophy!

Organon (Formal Logic) are both new. 

Jan 6th 2013:

Add a gallery for my Budgerigar paintings!

Wasn't sure if these were paintings or color exercises but in the end I plumped for the latter.

Great tool for exploring budgie genetics here: http://www.tudinfo.eu/budgiegenex/

by2, b1 (with double cg) makes a great Aqua!!

December 18th:
  • Revise all galleries & information into a menu & sub-menu structure
  • Add Ba Gua gallery of arrangements of the I Ching paintings
  • Further arrangements of the P.S.T. Britches added
  • Add my first download - a Holiday Card!! 

Dec 14th:

So apparently French Rationalist philosopher Leibniz (1646-1716) ("the monad guy") was looking at the I Ching when he came up with the idea for binary mathematics!

But it was binary mathematics that got me interested in the I Ching in the first place!!

None of this should come as a surprise I guess, the rationalists belived that mathematics was a model for all thought, but is there an implication that there could be future developments in computing technology based on Chinese numerology??

Certainly worth investigating!

Oh, here's the link: Liebniz!

Dec 12th:
My Holiday Card is now available to download - Here!
It's a simple piece of geometry based on the Primary Secondary Tertiary Beach Britches.
Print it out and hang it on a tree or in the window . . . .
or cut out all the triangles and play eith your own color combinations and arrangements!
I'm onto bow-ties now - bow ties are cool!

Holiday Card
Dec 6th:

Daily & exciting updates on the second set of Beach Britches at the moment:

December 1st:

When I first started the I Ching paintings I was really thinking of the final form as the destination and was possibly somewhat eager to get there. After the first few paintings (K'un and Ch'ien were very easy, although I did not know that at the time) more questions started arising which forced me both to analyse my method and record my process. I now find that I really like the recorded process sequences!

I am now repainting the early and/or idiosyncratic paintings so that I can have a documented process and consistent method for each. It may even be nice to have four paintings for each so the choices can be presented in space as well as in time.
To this end each stage is now a completion in itself as well as a layer in the larger process. I have been adding each stage in sequence to the main gallery alond with a much clearer description of how the process unfolds: http://www.pguestprojects.com/i-ching

n.b. that a "consistent method" may well mean a different technical approach to each painting but this should now be a consistent responses to each color sequences rather than me exploring and finding out as I go along. 

I am repainting Chen first - I'm not discarding the octagon as an idea but I would like one set consistent first - then I will re-paint Tui, Ch'ien and K'an.

Nov 28th 2012:

Finished first round of I Ching paintings, although I learned so much in the process that I really need to start again from the top. Updated various blog entries connected with this including some thoughts on chance: http://www.pguestprojects.com/blog/thanksgiving-without-paints and a nice (and a silly!) new Ba Gua arrangement. I will post the nice one below:

Ba Gua - Rectangle
Nov 27th 2012:

Added process/flow choices (where available) to the I Ching gallery - very pleased with these!
Also bought some circular and octagonal mirrors at the craft store - just to see!
Considering adding a "What the Oracle told me . . . . " section to the blog (as long as it's not private!). http://www.pguestprojects.com/blog/thanksgiving-without-paints

Nov 25th 2012:

I have added explanations to the following galleries:
  • Color Exercises - Six Color
  • Complementary Colors = Beach Britches
I am so pleased with the Beach Britches word images that I might just post them here:
with thanks to Rohen & Steiner

Stepping back before leaping ahead
The breath between:
Cognition : Activity?
. . . or even . . .
Cognition : Instinct?
All animal's heads move forward, only humans (in addition) rise above?

The Saggital Plane distinguishes the (radial) invertebrates from the (bilateral) vertebrates
Only a still pond can reflect the changing sky
Athena's mirrored shield reflects Medusa

Below : Above
Green : Red
Earth : Cosmos
Gravity : Levity
Substance : Idea
An inversion:
Plant : Human
Roots : Thoughts
Also: When I jump in the water
the weight of the water in my body, which was so heavy, becomes nothing,
and the weight of the air in my body, which seemed like nothing, now gives me lightness
Pulled Down : Lifted Up
. . . or . . . getting out of bed in the mornings!
That's two blows to Newton on one website!!

Nov 25th 2012:

Added first drafts of remaining I Ching paintings: http://www.pguestprojects.com/i-ching

And a first idea for a "Ba Gua" arrangement: http://www.pguestprojects.com/blog/ba-gua-first-view

Nov 25th 2012:

Having a website is new to me. I kept this one in a closet for its first few months but now it has been published and I even seem to have some visitors passing by. I had assumed any visitors would be by invitation only but apparently not! Not sure how or why people are finding this (although I do have "Clicky" - Clicky is cool!) but I would like to do my best to make everyone welcome!

To this end I have started going through the project archive and adding explanations to each item. It strikes me as sensible to make ideas accessible wherever possible.


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