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Gloria Willis Fine Art

Artist directory :: Gloria Willis Fine Art

Gloria Willis lives and works from the French Quarter where she displays her city scales and impressions of this unique area.

Gloria Willis Fine Art


Gloria Willis Fine Art 
Gloria Willis is an impressionist painter living in the New Orleans French Quarter. Ms. Willis paints and displays her work largely on Jackson Square for visitors coming to New Orleans. Jackson Square is a renowned vibrant art market. A native of Fargo, North Dakota and an avid outdoors woman, Gloria is a self-taught painter whose long term goals include being a fine arts painter. The works and styles of Georgia O'Keefe, Degas, Monet, and Sorolla have all influenced Gloria's paintings: the simplicity and vibrant use of color, flowing shapes and expressive design are incorporated as much as possible. Gloria strives to convey a good feeling in her artwork and to capture the essence and beauty of her subject on the canvas. French Quarter scenes,...


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Flowers Georgia O'Keefe's work inspired me to begin painting flowers. I love the simple lines and beautiful colors...and all things that are beautiful! Of all the flowers I paint, poppies are my favorite because of the rich vibrant color and the happy feeling they exude. Poppies spark a positive energy that people relate to instantly.
Cityscapes New Orleans has unique architecture, events and festivals. Capturing the energy, color, people and shapes is challenging, yet interesting for me to paint.
Landscapes With so many beautiful parks in the New Orleans area and the beautiful weather year round, artists like me are always out painting. This is a new area for me to explore….balancing the elements, light with capture what I see and feel in the landscape.
Faces & Figuratives I like painting people—capturing their expression, attitude, color and voice. No two can ever be the same. I began my painting career by painting portraits.
Abstracts Abstract painting is something new for me. There is a certain freedom in these paintings...and they are fun to make! I love being in the NOW and creating something spontaneous. I never know what colors or shapes will emerge when I start..


Fall Newsletter
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Jackson Square still kickin'!
Jackson Square continues to be an excellent art venue to display work. While we have weather and parking to contend with, the Square is a destination for just about every visitor. It is really fun to meet people from all over the world and send some artwork home with them! This season you can mostly find me there on the weekend.

Summer Travel
How fun to see some family and friends that I rarely see! So I traveled to Minneapolis and surrounding areas and revisited an area where I grew up. Seeing how really beautiful the area is with the many many lakes, fresh air, greenery and lovely landscaping was an artistic feast for me. I so enjoyed my daily walks and outings to nearby parks and art fairs, neighborhood coffee shops, attending my grandnieces birthday party and so many other things.

Getting Ready!
I'm taking my art on the road this summer. Time to visit friends and family AND have some concentrated painting time in the outdoors. Plein air painting is different than studio painting in that there are the elements to consider....

Website and Tech Support: Building a Team!
I hope you enjoy my new website...Gloria Willis Fine Art.

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