So the original intent of this site and blog has been to demonstrate economical ways to enhance your personal life and provide some simple life hacks.
This is the first.
I bought a 1931 bungalow last year with a wraparound porch.    I had precisely lined my kitchen windowsills with differently shaped glass bottles in a multitude and colors.... then one day I realized that they'd get more light were they hung in the sunlight and the wind could provide movement. 
I had been collecting bottles for a number of years always with this intention in mind. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: SIX MONTHS OUT IS SHORT TERM THINKING FOR ME. I  checked thrift stores,  garage sales, the ever popular dollar and similar stores... and a review of bottles already on hand to make bottle oil lamps that never materialized. 
So, I  was off to a craft supply store for bags of corks in various sizes to fit the uniquely shaped bottles.
ONE IMPORTANT TRICK: check the fit of the corks UPSIDE DOWN..  having one drop to the bottom can be very frustrating. Plug the bottles AND secure the corks with waterproof adhesive of choice... and coat them well!  My personal favorite is E6000....I AM NOT A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COMPANY,  JUST APPRECIATE. Push the corks in SECURELY and allow a couple days for the adhesive to dry and cure. When they are securely in place, add a screw eye or hook to the top of the  cork. SOMETIMES water will enter the bottle through this space.... covering the cork with E6000 or another sealant should prevent this.
Space screws above where you intend to display them. Keep in mind the sizes 3bottles you're using.   Use monofilament.... fishing line.... to hang the bottles from the screws at varying heights so they don't hit each other and break in the wind. A windchime would be a bonus.


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