I have spent MANY years collecting colored and interesting shaped bottles. Thrift stores, garage sales, maybe along the side of the road.
They were displayed in my kitchen window for a while until there was no more room. But I did have a back porch already festooned with lights ....
Made a trip to a local craft store to get about 3 bags of corks in various sizes . I also got E6000, my personal clear adhesive of choice. I paired up the corks with bottles they fit best, and coated the sides of corks liberally, put them their assigned bottles and left to dry for a couple days. When I was satisfied that they were secure, I assed a screwbook or cup hoop into the center. I later learned that also putting adhesive around the base at the cork would be handy....some collected rain, others slipped out.
I already had an assortment of fishing line, too.
I added Screweyes around the perimeter of the porch then cut varying lengths of fishing line.... typically at least double strength.... and tied the bottles at varying lengths and was aware of duplicating colors too closely.... roughly 6" apart.  And a couple windchimes. Cobalt Blue was the most elusive color. Not all were hung...intricate bottles remained inside as duplicate colors, flanking the TV on the fireplace mantle with a strand of white lights weaving their way between them and behind the TV. Provides good ambient light and shows off particular bottles.Came out pretty good!
Also doing similar on the backyard deck.
All of this merely amuses me, but still makes a handy landmark for givivg directions.


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