Fumbling for a house key in the dark can be very frustrating. Easy solution: put one on each side of your car key...especially handy if your car key has a large head with various controls on it making it easy to find. Now THIS I have done... Last night.


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Well now...


Okay... Now for a couple hacks that I've long had in my head but never put on paper.
Back when landlines were home phones, speed dial was common. My parents only knew my number was "4." Now cell phones conviently store phone numbers. What happens when there's a glitch or your phone loses power or you don't have your phone with you and you REALLY need to reach someone or....
Simple solution, but I have yet to do it myself.
WRITE THEM DOWN. Carry them in your wallet or purse. You may never actually need them, but you never know when just might.


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Adding to the CRAP PILE....


So.. With this Covid 19 shutdown in place, I haven't been able to visit my brother in his highly skilled nursing home OR Daddy in his Alzheimer's facility.  Really exhausting.  My brother (Mike) will be fine, but the real serious question is will Daddy remember any of us...
Needless to say, many things have taken a back seat, mainly due to chronic anxiety and depression ramping up. This is by far not the only thing put on hold.
Not my plan.
My apologies.

M Scott


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