To all my fans. Thank you for your inspiration.

Dear fans and visitors!
Everyone who choose to visit my website helped me to believe in myself and make me a better artist and person. I never thought that I will have a 14,000 visitors without promoting or advertising anywhere. Not even on my Facebook page. I was really surprised to find out how many people like what I do and interesting, and some of them shares my vision and Spirituality. 
For all of you, who has a patience to read my life experiences written in broken, self-thought English language,  thank you for encouraging me to continue do so and reassuring by convincing that they are nave no problem to understand my writing. 
Everyone who know even half of my life experiences told that its a book worthy and I should get this thought under consideration. 
Well, I will try.  
And on this notice I will return to this page, dedicated to my fans. 
There is much more I want to say to my followers, reply on commentaries and more. Here will be all about you, my peeps!  I salute you for everything.  


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Thank you. Please visit again soon :-)                                                         
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