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The Buddha Dream

Buddha Dream

Buddha's word of wisdom for me. Lotus Flower. Theosophy

Shortly after  Awakening, I had a dream. I saw a young Buddha holding a lotus flower in his hand, walking up the stairs that was made from a rocks on the side of big mountain. I want to ask him a question  saying:"The Great Master a...." He put a finger to his lips and said: "Shh,don't said that. I have to climb all the way up, and there will be a door, on very top. Only when learn, climbing over these big  rocks, slippery and unstable, but wont make it an uncertain, it is the challenges and I have to win. A winner will have the key from the door on the top of the mountain". I started  climbing behind  Buddha, and he was young and strong  soon he were far away up to a hill. I got so disappointed of myself, thinking:" How could I even assumed, that I can climb the wall of the wisdom with Buddha?!  Sure, this is just a dream but, " I 'm not the only one". And I decided to ask him a question, the one. I've been searching all my life for the answer." Then I heard a voice of Buddha sound like an echo from the top of the stairs. He said: " You've have been climbing up for a long time. and learned more, that you believe, you had learned. Stop the self-doubt and not be so hard on yourself. When you get there, you'll find something, left for you by the door. The door will opens as a book, and in that book you find your answer, about a Higher purpose in this life. I climbing for a little bit, and soon, the door appeared in front of my eyes. By the door I found a white lotus flower. I've picked up the flower and  the door slowly starts opening. That was the end of my dream.

When I have such a profound dreams, I'll not stop until all the dream puzzles will be connected. Didn't took me long time until I'd found the direction to that "door" I knock on the door very softly, “holding a lotus flower in my hand”. The door opened and walking inside I knew, this is it. The home of the Theosophy. I found the place that holding all my unanswered questions. Followed my dream and found the most important answer, after spending a years of searching. A dream with a Buddha – a motivation to take an action. Because I am so nearly at the end of“climbing my mountain” of hopes and doubts, learning hard from own mistakes. All the rocky mistakes I make in the past had been processed inside of my mind and was long process, until its turned into a sand, and sand crystallized into a solid crystals of wisdom...........

From my journal “Spirituality. Dreams and Awakening”

Please accept my apologies for mild to moderate grammatical mistakes and incorrect sentencing. I learned how to speak English (when came from Russia, my father lived in US) from everyone I've meet by listening and asking a lots of questions. Self-educates in writing without of books because back when I started, I couldn't yet read. Writing by ears using musical skill in piano playing, writing and reading notes. Trying whatever works, and it does, but still my writing is far off from the curricular standards.

                                              ASTRAL TRAVELING EXPERIENCE


There was a dream, I thought is a dream

But it was something else very bizarre and extreme

I was somewhere I got shot and killed

I saw myself dying feel pain in my heart it was real

Watching myself dying from the above

And feel weightless, fragment, transparent

Flight faster that light I went somewhere and saw indescribable stuff

Then I realize where I was and the things I have learned

Even for me was too much and too overbearing

I had no fear something guided my mind told me not to worry

I felt her transparent presence explaining the story

She helped my brain to processed transitional stages

Without of her couldn't pass this test for a human being is too outrageous

She told me than place where we at called astral level 7

Its a place where a soul going after you dead, look like a fragment busy train station in heaven

There some other stuff I saw in different stages

Souls of the bad people fragmentation, some lost some suffer locked up in invisible cages

Some of the things just have no verbal, no words for explanation

I learned a lot how human past lives effects on the soul fragmentation

I am better keep to myself it was so amazing

If I tell this to anyone in the Earth they would think I am crazy

Shouldn't supposed to be there until I am died

But she assisted this travel and now I know how to make it right

It was not easy way to come back to the ground I didn't awake

I was pulled, felt like after drown in deep waters of river or lake

Gasping for breath and felt after a little bit dizzy

I was lucky to come back at all after travel so far, it wasn't that easy.

From Poetry book "Infinite Peace"


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