Past Life Key by H.P. Blavatsky “And astrology is a science, which having determined the nature of the laws that govern these vibrations,” HPB says, “is able to state precisely a particular or a series of results, the causes of which have already been produced by the individual in his previous life"

“and thus gives us the means of obtaining the knowledge how to guide our future births.”

According to many years of a research within Astrology in different cultures of the ancient world

I discovered full and brief histories of my 5 past lives. Each individual characters, qualities and abilities. Now I got near to conclusion in each one clearly identifying in my personal characteristic of present life. These qualities played different roles over the course of this lifetime and manifests many extreme life changing experiences through unconditional love with self sacrifice, courage with fearless when own death is an opponent , learning of Separation and a true forgiveness and several deaths and rebirths I was born a woman once before and 4 time as men. Three past lives I was born far East in China, Mongolia and Tibet. Last two I was at early time and at very latest as Atlantis Uranus.

Last Atlantis was one of the famous students and followers of Plato, but corrupted turned against his Teacher and betrayed him. Plato infuriated disowned Atlantis with curses and sent his people to kill him. With a help of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, as well very mad and disappointed of his grandson Uranus, who was an Atlantis Consciousness, and gave him unique knowledge and abilities of Magi. Atlantis turned the gods gift into the darkness. The justice served and he got killed, fighting in defense at the age of 24. He was my last descendant.(It is just an overall, there is more facts and more of the story) I was destine to facing Karma to pay the past debts which was nearly impossible. My life become a battlefield with crises of such extreme that the death I considered as blessing

I survived own death 5 times and each rebirth facing another catastrophe, tearing me apart with physical and mental impact and crashing to death. Before reviving “the death” took me to the astral world, allowing to observe further all 7 intervals of the Astral Plane Worlds.

It is sound crazy but the death teaches me with a compassion and I learn long list of things for the best preparation for smooth transition and softest arrival, free from an "Earthy belongings"

Purified and ready for the purgatory, in “Quantum Divine Matrix It is the way to avoid so many obstacles on the "road" where tired soul will travel for relaxation in Devachan. After all I won and paid my debt in full. The Universe sent a Divine light to the rescue when I saw it, I pleaded for mercy in non-stop pain from serious injuries and illness that was killing me physically and mind too tired in dissolution and despair. It took 4 minutes of the Divine miracle healing Light to heal me from the pains and sent illness to a re-mission, filled emotionally wounded deep and brutally scared heart with so much Universal Love, creating the whole new me and honored with a breathtaking experience of Awakening. Universal Love brought in my new life unknown before feeling of pure happiness that two weeks after I walk a featherweight and barley touching the ground. This is Universal Love. Learn about Reincarnation is a key to self-discovery. When untangle invisible roots which connects with the past in every detailing demonstration proved logistically, with all the valid points, leaving no space for doubt, which I tend to have until clarification. I was a non-believer for anything super natural, science only. But choice of Astronomy as major it was first step. At youth I always said:"I am only believe in it when I see it." And The Universe shown many different things but I've intentionally ignored to watch. A scientist in me protected against all weird and superstitious. It begin works of Its magic and showed me so many tricks and a heart dropping unreal and unexplained, morally in any society never thought I will ever speak about. This is first time I do it and only because 10 years of extra careful untangling tiny evidences, connecting with another and more until its logical and easy to explain from A to Z. 10 years ago I hired 4 specialized astrologists to help me make a book of my complete Astrological profile.

4 different cultures: Vedic, Mayan, Western-European and Chinese. Reason for that - the same that for all my researches to convince myself to believe 99.9% to be the true. It took about a year to do that project. When all the information collected and analyzed we only wrote the data verified from 4 cultural astrology The experiment was absolutely worth all the time and spending. I read it first time and not one single thing missing, and with that book study my self-knowledge begins. It is all tight up and connected within 6 lifetimes stretch. Here is just a little bit of overall information on one topic. It is so much more about personal reincarnation. 5 lifetimes + present life (whole book about various spiritual experiences ) Reincarnation was only one thing that I start believing before anything else beyond science (even own eyes).

I was 9 years old when thinking deep and found reincarnation logical and appears to me to be the true. And never have reason to doubt.

At the time consistently active and re-appears following States of Conciseness: Atlantis, HPB, Buddha, Mikao Usui, Mahatma Gandhi. I have no knowledge of Quantum Physics, but Quantum Conciseness is one of My prime interests now.


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