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Art is the life Art is the life
Everything imaginable

Dreams in Other Dimensions Dreams in Other Dimensions
Spiritual thoughts interpreted through artwork

Globes Planets Places Globes Planets Places
Forms and figures representing images of the infinite space, far away galaxies and lifeforms.

The Masks The Masks
Different masks. Scary, ugly, mystical, and more

Ancient Lands. Ural. Photographs Ancient Lands. Ural. Photographs
Ural in Sanskrit mean near by the Sun Ural. Perm city. Permian Period. Great Extinction.

Esoteric view. Root-races Arian- Slav-Vedic

The land where I've born and lived for 27 years – is around 200 million years old

The Universe Inspiring The Universe Inspiring
Wisdom of Our Great Masters, quotes and words of inspiration with a background graphic art and photos from around the world. My mornings starts from the Thought of the day. The Thought creating a vision. It is my Inspiration for the day. Inspiring others by sharing my vision, just a simple way of Giving.  A selfless giving bring us satisfaction, and it is a key to our happiness.

Grafixgirlive Art Galleries. Inspired by the Universe
Visionary Art. Graphics. Mix Media. Photography. Handmade Jewelery.
Light warrior's transformation. Science and Spirituality. Infinite Peace. Buddha. Ancient Lands. Essays. Poetry. Blogs. Inspirational Quotes, TOD, and much more.
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