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Self-actualizing Mind


Self-actualizing Mind


The new beginning

In one poem I explained how I got here:..." I have to feel the own death to find the answers, why I've born. I fought so many demons they're tear me a part in karmic storm. Until my lifeless soul was saved by the Light , and my Mind begin transform" It is not happens until people realize that they are have to unlock their mind and hearts to listen inner voice of the God, Universe inside, fully trusts and go for it!!! Anyone is welcome to a "School of Own Consciousness" - a place for our soul higher development. For the answers, we all want to know the true. But we are ofter get confused and overwhelmed from over-saturated with a bull ...., tainted with provocative and often misleading information, mass media sources. The real truth is within Us. Minds once begin arise , and we are begin to arise with the light, weightless, leaving behind a luggage full of past life's utopia material, emotional, physical, mental -blocks. These blocks built into a prison, sadly many people sees that prison as safe comfort zone. Break free, open a NEW YOU. The answers will follows, upon each new discoveries, new prospective, a NEW Perception.

A new word learned in the Book of Wisdom, will be identified as part of our new, personal characteristic.

Here is a great example on English word, that is not yet used nearly enough, but shall be considering: SELF - ACTUALIZING.

Read below the key characteristics of self-actualized people and if you are not be able to identify within, your thoughts and actions, start working on that, NOW.

This is a step forward for a soul development. A new Perception will have an answer about Your purpose in this lifetime :-)

Acceptance and Realism: Self-actualized people have realistic perceptions of themselves, others and the world around them.

Problem-centering: Self-actualized individuals are concerned with solving problems outside of themselves, including helping others and finding solutions to problems in the external world. These people are often motivated by a sense of personal responsibility and ethics.

Spontaneity: Self-actualized people are spontaneous in their internal thoughts and outward behavior. While they can conform to rules and social expectations, they also tend to be open and unconventional.

Autonomy and Solitude: Another characteristics of self-actualized people is the need for independence and privacy. While they enjoy the company of others, these individuals need time to focus on developing their own individual potential.

Continued Freshness of Appreciation: Self-actualized people tend to view the world with a continual sense of appreciation, wonder and awe. Even simple experiences continue to be a source of inspiration and pleasure.


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I just opened the page and can see that I can spend hours revealing its mysteries...very engrossing.. !
-- Puneet Sodhi, 5/30/15




There is no question when you are looking into this picture the imagination going wild. I love when people tell me what they see in my art. What is fascinating that almost always people see something else that I wasn't Make a whole new meaning and it is magic for me like my art pieces become alive and tell different stories show different faces and shadows, sometimes completely different from my vision.

But there are very few of my pictures and REVIVAL is one of that few which not only symbolized spiritual connection, has a story from the top to the bottom from corner to corner and carried deep spiritual legacy. To open your vision imagination in full force I suggest to read this story while looking at the picture.

There is a dome pointed to the sky and connecting with a space energy Channel (Reiki) The dome in this picture could symbolized a top of the temple a sacred place for any culture around the world.

Two big eyes represent a the Soul of the Higher Power. A nose and mouth identify Soul feminine features ( Mother Nature, fertility,birth)

Look like two hands holding a pot, but actually this is all one living form of the rebirth. Pool of pure new life inside in light peach color and in the outside light pink and tiny veins. In original drawing the colors, that I mixed together are the colors of the newborn baby, carefully handled by the Mother's Hands.

You can see a few small eyes. Each of it represent one soul of the newborn life. They are sliding down on each individual string. This strings are representing a life path. Each soul has an individual path and after passing the pool of the purity travel is just began. Each soul sliding down in orderly fashion have to pas the Fertility Egg. You can see two souls on each wrist leaving the Egg as soul with its new body. A precious new soul life form take a final step in astrological course of the future life.

In this picture Feng Shui symbols of Yin and Yang represents all the astrology at large.

Each life form sliding and touching one side of the symbol. One of it will be Yin and the other Yang.

There is the moment of revival, a new life beginning.

Especially left unclear who becomes whom but you can see how the life start its developing. There are parts that could be a leg, arm or tail. Some of it going further down and became a roots that will grow into a trees,

the others become the other part of our planet that keep it alive. All the green starts with grass and each and every other species living on the planet Earth including us, highest intelligence life forms called Human Being.

Love your Planet, help it thrive

Like Its helping us survive

“Revival” Original pencil drawing by Olga Stolyarchik 2001

Cosmic energy comes from above and regulate space and atmosphere related aspects . Earth energy raising from the ground and responsible for the planet gravitation. Every existing material objects including us humans have this energy as part of the nature rules. Word Reiki in Japanese mean ray energy, The rays of both energies combined together. And people who is learn to be a part of this energetic connection called Reiki healers. A hands to the body energy healing, which required specific learning and practicing, follow test, initiation to get certified by professional teachers called Reiki Master. A while back I got certified in level 1 Reiki healer. There are 3 levels, Master is the 3rd My Reiki Master after the test and certification told me that my power much greater and to seek a spiritual advise from a Higher.


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Do you like the 'Prayers and Meditations' book I sent you Olga. You should do, you wrote it.
-- Ian James, 12/13/11

Awake The World


Awake the world.

According to the world news about 50% all humankind will experiences in 2012 a spiritual awakening.

There are lacking of the spirituality in 1/3 if not more. The Spiritual Awakening requires a unique process of the individual and within that process each person must find a connection with their inner world and realize that they must change the whole prospective of the thinking.

Do you believe it is possible?

To bring the light to everyone who is unaware. .What the societies they all belongs when the individual negativity will meet the forces of the darkness become ?

If I will find anyone in the world, who had identical episodes of exact the same miracles, it will a newly discovered The One Tue Miracle.

It will be amazing if people shares just one, which many of us can found suitable for sharing a Full Spiritual Awakening.

I was growing up in Russia during the Soviet regime when the word God was prohibited. I was for the most of my life, a one stubborn mind, believed none above pure scientific proof. Except one that ultimately make me a who I am now. Since being a child watching the sky above with a billion + distant stars, my faith in Absolute Universe, beginning to grow from the seed When at 15 years old a curious teen, I learned the astronomy. And I dug and dug into more and more, continue digging....

What I found beyond the constellations, wasn't completely conclusive. What was conclusive, that It was found me. It walked me step by step, with the soft and noninvasive wisdom, the only One Wisdom Of the Universe, that make my non-trusting mind slowly allow to process forward and finally break beyond, of which the science can explain. Years later something like the true forgiveness, (which was the hardest thing for me to learn) and less than a year ago the level of the Spiritual Awareness reaches to the point for Full Awakening. After that the transformation never stops. Everyday the Ego be able to progress the Higher Mind thoughts and ideas. I am changing the way of thinking and truly amazed not only all the people around me, it continue amazes myself.

What I am (learning by ear English) trying to said is: if people willing to open up and share the Spiritual Awakenings, it will help everyone. . I do truly believe if more people in the world awake their spirituality, it may helps eventually our world become someday in the future a better place.


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