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Ancient Lands. Ural
Ancient Lands.

Ural. Perm city. Permian Period. Great Extinction.

Esoteric view. Root-races Arian- Slav-Vedic

The land where I've born and lived for 27 years – is around 200 million years old

Ural in Sanskrit mean near the Sun.

Ural is a geographical region located in Russia around the Ural Mountains, between the East European and West Siberian plains. It extends approximately from north to south, from the Arctic Ocean to the bend of Ural River. The boundary between Europe and Asia runs along the eastern side of Ural Mountains.

Ural is divided, from north to south, into the Polar , Near-Polar, Northern, Central and Southern parts. The Polar Ural has an area of about 25,000 km² The Near-Polar Ural is wider (up to 150 km) and higher than the Polar Ural. The Northern Ural consists of a series of parallel ridges with the height up to 1,000–1,300 m The Central Ural is the lowest part of Urals, with the highest mountain of 994 m.

Most Ural rivers belong to the basin of the Arctic Ocean. The southern rivers belong to the Caspian Sea basin. There is many lakes and around 35 waterfalls across Ural region.

Perm covers an area of 308.76 sq ml and located in West Ural. The Permian Period was named after the Perm Krai in West Ural Russia by Scottish geologist Roderick Murchison in 1841. City Perm is the capital of the Perm krai.

One attraction of large impact theories is that theoretically they could trigger other cause-considered extinction-paralleling phenomena, such as the Siberian Traps eruptions as being either an impact site or the antipode of an impact site. lye-manifesting and/or less than global-in-scope phenomena. Esoterism, metaphysics, root-races. During each planetary round, every kingdom or life-wave goes through seven stages of development on each globe. In the human kingdom, these stages are called root-races or humanities. The root-races overlap: a new race begins in the middle of the previous one. Each root-race contains the same egos that were evolving in the preceding root-race. The first root-race probably originated 130 to 150 million years ago in the Silurian or Devonian period, or possibly in the Carboniferous period, of the Paleozoic era, and ended in the Permian period. The second root-race originated in the late Carboniferous or in the Permian, and ended in the late Triassic or early Jurassic of the Mesozoic (Secondary) era (some 25 to 30 million years ago). The third (Lemurian) The fourth (Atlantean) root-race originated in the later Cretaceous (10 to 12 million years ago). It attained its peak in the Eocene of the Tertiary, and was largely destroyed in the Miocene. The midpoint of the fourth round was reached in the middle of the fourth subrace of the fourth root-race, some 4.5 million years ago.
Arian- Slav Veda

I heard about the study of Arian- Slav Veda, that refer direct to ancient Indian Veda, the interesting fact explained: event described into " [Ramayane]" and " [Makhabkharate]" they occurred in the territory of modern Russia the Volga eye you represent between the rivers! Very interesting theme Veda themselves [Drevneindiyseie] are written on Sanskrit and Slav by runic letter by runes pressed on the gold plates or they are written on the skins of sacrificial animals by the special method By the way Sanskrit originates from the nodular letter  Used together with the runes, all by the same arias and by Slavs. Vedic gods Of [svarog] and [Veles] - soldiers of Light. Protecting the life on the earth from the dark and the destruction. As they appear the runes Of [ariev] can be seen on the ring, which I burden as guarded. There are still many symbols - [oberegov]. Valkyrie for example, [Svarog], [Kolovrat] Swastika as symbol esoteric, originated precisely from these symbols of kind. And it is frequently used in the form ornaments even in the deaf villages of the Urals and Siberia, itself saw  in the museums of local lore and aprons embroidered by swastika Much entire very interesting exists in ancient texts. Moreover nothing in them refutes esoteric views and it vice versa only confirms them. Even theory of large explosion finds here its confirmation.


“Metaphysics and the origin of species Permian Period” “The greatest extinction ever—the Permian extinction.” the Permian/Triassic (P/Tr) boundary. ref: Texas University of the Permian Baslin. Shocked quartz crystals, and the largest basalt lava flows ever (the Siberian Traps—covering an area of 1.3 million km, more than three kilometers deep, enough to drown the whole planet in six meters of lava). 120-km-wide crater was recently identified and attributed to a Late Permian impact. ref:Hoffmann, J.H. “When life nearly came to an end”, National Geographic. Additional information about Ural, Perm regions research studies is available. I will be glad to answer your questions. Please also see my photo gallery “Ancient Lands. Ural” The photographs are original (non-digital film)copies from my old collection. :) + -


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