Images of Higher Self
My Higher Self created an image of itself and my astral body ten years ago in 2001 hidden under a layer of paint until I reached the pick of the spiritual maturing and able to fully understand The Divine Light by Reiki Initiation . The Third Eye Chakra (Sanskrit name is Ajna) opened in “unexpected, rare and astonishing”,- said my Reiki Master. She told me that in her carrier and over 400 initiated students she never experienced the magnitude and tenacity of the energies created light tornado inside and outside of my body. Admitting the fact that she doesn't have a permission for continue to be my spiritual adviser and the Higher Teacher comes to me and points to a right direction, practice and tests my clairvoyance and other spiritual abilities, help to discover a future life path where will be the answers about spiritual quest, learn and collect enough of the Divine wisdom for success accomplishment of the noble purpose of my soul. All that took place in 2003.

At that time trapped in very very dark space after ambushed by serious of tragic events, life changing battles surviving profound absolute crises that change my path totally but left crashed and shattered after confrontation with death, with nothing wishing to die in infinite sadness and despair. The amazing inner and spiritual evolving process tempered by sever damage and following consequences has been postponed for a few more years. These years living in the shallow grave with never rising sun of hope, I dug myself out one teaspoon at the time until 2009. Another year took because of a life treating health issues, shocking to the internal system, organs removing surgery and prolong and complicated recovery*.

Slowly returned to my artistic personality and desire to revise and moderate already existed artwork sparked and uncovered hidden answers with solid evidences supported with visual material images as undeniable reference.(see copy at the end)

The spiritual growth picked up the speed and strength pulling me forward to the greatest and happiest climax of one of the kind spiritual awakening by Christmas 2010. Each and every spiritual steps has a story and I wrote separately and available upon reader's request. Although, paying with full respect and gratitude for the opportunity to be on the level of understand things told by my Reiki Master years back and it is sacred to me. The follow is a part of this private collection and revealed with no needs nor interest for extended publicity. Thank you for reading. God bless to all!

The artistic talent is a cosmic gift. There are no limits to imagination. The Manipura opens a connection through the astral light and the vision of that connection comes before all other senses. The eyes of the artist have an ability to see invisible and create a masterpiece on white piece of paper. Since the Third Eye Chakra opened first time and process of self-discovery begins, my artistic abilities rose dramatically. When other people seeing that as result practicing artistic skills "sharping pencil and blending colors" I saw something at that time was a complete mystery. 10 years later I found the answer. I drew the picture "My life" in 2001 and like always had an idea how will be look alike when its done. From the upper left corner at young age then coming down on right side myself at the age 30 and after on the left bottom planning to drew myself in the future using current photo with a bit aging enhancement. Instead of that I drew a picture of the horror (see my photos "My life")

I got very mad of myself thought the drawing is ruin and almost rip in pieces then had a second look and decide to keep it like that. Cover all empty space with a layer of paint. That second look came with a thought of rational logic. Maybe this is my future going to be look alike, I don't know but that face with hollow eye deformed and freighting to think more, but saw in that portrait something complete and finished. 2 years later my life faced serious of prolog catastrophic events ultimately testing my soul in the mortal battlefield. This challenge was near death including loss, betrayal and more (poem At the Darkness) The drawing appears in my vision and memory after the impact. There is no question this was a prediction but until 2010 I couldn't fully understand the origin of this prediction. the picture and uncovered amazing truth A year ago I decided to drew a remix by erasing a top layer of paint on the top right side. (See my photos “Remix”) Underneath the layer I found transparent image of my astral body and Higher Ego. I couldn't believe in own eyes, there are proof of It's existence, a visible ID that can see clearer that watermark. My Ego drew future and preserve a visual of It and astral body under the layer of paint until the right time comes for me to understand. The right time came when I have the knowledge about my Ego and astral body and thought I knew pretty much all about. But the new discovery helped me not only to see how Its look alike but also explained some other drawings and paintings that puzzled me. See (my photos “Extreme Mind Distraction”). When a hand created something and the image appearing in front of me does giving a strange feeling, as if I am watching graphic program fast drawing on the computer and have no idea what it is and what will become when done. Pretty amazing to realize the different between me drawing and me drawing on spiritual level. This is happens in very rare occasion and only draws for me to decode something I have to know. Hopefully I will experience that again.


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