SPiritual Awakening
Explanation on conditions prior the experience.

I always thought that Spiritual Awakening comes at special moment in life. By “special” I mean, at the time person is ready, spent time in peace and balance, purified thoughts and a lot of wisdom. I never heard anybody saying: “I have an Awakening, I am a new Me.” Even now people are not comes forward to share their stories and the truth is I have been too. A year later I decide to do it and here I am. Took me 2-3 months to process after that night and even people saw the transformation, I kept a secret in my heart, doubt and worries that someone's jealousy and a misconception will “break the magic spell” At the time this happened, I was in deep, dark hole. Physically ill, living in agnostic pain that never leave my body, and emotionally at the end of my robe, loosing last bit of hope for the future, alone, in complete despair. I was praying to the Universe to have a mercy and take me away. For days and weeks, barely moving around my home, hardly remember where was my cat at that time. She was there, looking at me from corner, scared. I was asking for a miracle, the death. I had an ovarian cancer, stage 3. A ski accident cause 2 knee surgery and multiple herniated disks on my back. Heart beat shallow and emotional wounds was so deep scared and wounds hurting in my chest, even I had no physical problems in that area. There was no more power in me to fight. My life was a battlefield, but when I won the battle, I was seating at exact same chair with a pillow on the back, in front of my computer. When pain shooting through me I did breathing exercise that was slowing my heartbeat, relieving the edge. I closed my eyes, there was no light other than from the monitor. Tears running and I felt how truly intense the moment pleading for the resolution.

The Universe had a resolution for me. I have been initiated Reiki years ago and saw astral light before many times. And I saw it that night. Comes from the corner of my living room, but It was much brighter, much brighter. Its look alike the sun, covered with thin white cloud.

I died Awakening

And Its came to me as you see on this picture. Reached inside , covered shallow beating heart and hold it so softly with so much Love , like mother holding a newborn baby's head. The white astral material covered all sides of my heart and start the healing process. Superior Powers with the touch of gentle hand (feels like) lightly  squeezes, ache bad so I couldn't hold a mourning exhale. The yellow light made of tiny molecules continuously changing form by connecting and separating. 4 minutes later the hand came out quickly as appeared and begin disappearing at the corner of room ceiling. I felt absolute peace, soundless and pain free.
Featherweight beautiful cocoon's response gave a soothing feeling of mind and soul as one.
Astonishing new experience, a reward or misinterpreted  thoughts ( if such thing is possible) I always doubt about everything. There was a moment in my life, when a split decision saved my life. But the decision on many other important things take me me days and weeks. Some even months and years. But when I finally decide, it will be my final answer that never changes. First new feeling of unconditional happiness, worry free as 4 years old child. Its left me secure and peaceful feeling.
I couldn't believe it. Everything the same dark room with a nightlight, mail on the floor near the mail slot I remembering this morning I couldn't bend over to pick up. Cat was sitting in front of me then she licks one time my forehead, right where is a Sixth Chakra. Then she look right above my head and I could see by her strange reaction (mixed with light fear but not panic with unusual for a cat patience with a signs of deep respect in her big dilated eyes. Since that time she does the same ritual everyday.

A next morning I wake up, a brand new, healed, transformed. I walked barely touching the ground, weightless for two weeks after. I was so happy and worry free, everything has brighter colors, grass, trees, like I never see it before. I went to the store and got everything for Christmas and within 2 hours transformed my place, which just yesterday been my burial.

I was confused, and “old” me would be fixating on the confusion, investigating all about. But a New Me, my Higher thinking has different, logical and non-debatable answer. “I will know all I needs to know, when is the time right”

Do you believe in miracles? I didn't believe for long time. But my illness since, went to complete remission, back pain is tolerable and not annoying. I walk and ride a bike on the beach, and most important I can think the way I never knew I could. A whole new Perception. Within last year, learning, listening Higher Conciseness. Evolve and continue my journey with a favor new chapter. Happened before Christmas and transformation began and rose fast and dramatically. Higher thoughts, changing perception, super powerful work of Prana-Chi the door is open and I please to meet with Higher Mind. That was almost a year back. Higher Mind in control and not let a low brain thinking. Grab it negative though and saying the reason why not waste a breath on the subject, satisfied with that and just a peace and balance, in silence formulating wisdom quote, favored mind stretching excessive. My new artwork compared to old ones showing the transformation, the energetic powers, the Enlighten. Evolution is still in progress, stay tuned.


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Beautiful, true and touching ...
-- Beata, 1/30/12

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